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Remembering Davey Allison – Part I

If there was ever a child born to be a racecar driver, it was Davey Allison. If there was ever a racecar driver who never forgot his roots, and always had a few moments to sign an autograph, answer a question or smile for a photo with a fan, it was Davey Allison. And if there was ever a hero of the sport who left us too soon, it was Davey Allison.

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Racing at the Beach: Earnhardt Tries His Best & Comes Up Short, 1990-93

Dale Earnhardt must have felt his blood pressure rise whenever he recalled the Daytona 500 of 1990, and who can blame him? For another driver, though, it was the high point of his career altogether. Ken Schrader won the pole position for the third straight year, continuing his streak of every event since the restrictor plate was reintroduced at Daytona. Schrader's luck turned bad in the first qualifier, however, as a last lap crash wiped out the car and forced Schrader to a backup.

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Racing at the Beach: Out with the Old and In with the New, 1986-1990

For Dale Earnhardt fans, the 1986 Daytona 500 is one of the "big ones that got away." Earnhardt had a strong week, but the bad luck at Daytona he shared with Darrell Waltrip and Buddy Baker reared its ugly head again. After the way he had dominated the '85 Daytona 500, Bill Elliott was a heavy favorite that year. He didn't disappoint anyone on pole day either, claiming the pole for the race at over 205 mph for the second year in a row. "Hoo-Ray" hollered the Elliott fans.

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