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That’s History Profile: Ernie Irvan

Irvan was born in Salinas, Calif. on January 13th, 1959. He is the son of Vic and Jo Irvan, who's family moved to California following the Dust Bowls in Oklahoma during the 1930s. Ernie's career had a rather inauspicious start before his days of driving two of the most recognizable cars in motorsports. He began racing go-karts at the tender age of nine years old. He would win the California Karting Championship when he was 15 years old, clearing the way for him to compete in stock cars. So dedicated was Ernie that he missed his high school graduation to race at Riverside, CA. He decided to roll the dice and leave California for NASCAR country with only $700 and some tools.

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Best of Beth Lunkenheimer: Ernie Irvan’s Crash Remembered

This Sunday at Michigan, cars will gather and the field will roar off, 43 of the best drivers in the world putting on a great show at one of the series' greatest tracks. But that day will also mark a near-tragic anniversary that will be on the minds of several fans who have followed the sport for quite sometime.

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