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Beyond the Cockpit: Jarit Johnson on Making It As an Independent, Family… and Cheese

_Making it in NASCAR isn't easy, and for Camping World East Series owner/driver Jarit Johnson, there's another, surprising obstacle: his name. When your older brother is the Sprint Cup champion, it can be hard to pave your own way in the same sport. But Johnson is trying to do just that, and without a full-time sponsor to boot as he looks to build his racing career from the ground up._ _Amy Henderson sat down with Johnson at his race shop in Mooresville, North Carolina, for an extended discussion on what it takes to field a team, run a successful fabrication and cooling system business, and raise a family. As Johnson shows here, he may sound like his brother (they could probably play some serious phone gags), but he's his own man, and one determined to forge his path against the odds._

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A Thousand Or A Million: Jarit Johnson Searching For Sponsor Dollars On His Own Merit

The shop is located in a part of Mooresville, North Carolina that is still mostly in the country, though the growth is slowly encroaching like so much kudzu, but for now, there are still pastures out here. The shop is in a modest office park-you’d miss it if you didn’t know it was there. But park at the back of the building and the sign on the door will tell you that yes, you’ve found the right place. Open the door and the foyer is…lived in. There’s no receptionist, just a few interesting artifacts that suggest that racing happens here. Poke your head into the office and you get greeted by the driver and team owner, dressed in team t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. The office is small and slightly cluttered in an inviting way. What hits you first is what will stay with you: _there is no pretense here_.

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Holding a Pretty Wheel: The 2 NHMS Gems You Probably Didn’t See

Each Monday in the Frontstretch newsletter, Tom Bowles brings readers the "Secret Star of the Race." This is the driver who has a great run but gets little mention on television, not getting the credit he deserves for a strong performance. Thinking about that this weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, I realized that there were two "secret stars" you might not have heard about that deserve their due. There's just one major difference for these two: they were entire races.

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Nuts for Nationwide: The Future is Now at Memphis

For race fans out there looking for an event to watch this weekend where the storylines and action will be there regardless of how the points leader does, look no further than the Nationwide Series race at Memphis. Clint Bowyer is leading the purse-snatcher brigade and stands poised to claim the title in NASCAR’s second-tier series, but there is a lot going on in the event’s 50-car field.

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