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Beating And Banging At Its Best: NASCAR’s Five Greatest Bristol Finishes

It’s a question us journalists hear all the time – especially after the three-week swing of racing at Fontana, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. If I had to count up all the random emails in my inbox from fans this month, hidden somewhere in between “Why don’t you treat Junior more fairly” and “you suck because of A, B, and C” is a basic complaint about NASCAR’s “cookie cutter” racing facilities, ending with, “Why can’t the sport build more tracks like the one they have in Bristol?” I hear you, guys … I hear you loud and clear.

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Jimmy Spencer and NASCAR’s ‘Young Punks’

Here is part of Spencer’s harangue: "The sport has really grown, these young kids come along, and there are some really good young kids. There are some punk young kids. I just wish they would realize and respect what others did. I think it's just a total attitude problem that they have. Their dad needs to take them behind the fence and smack them around a little bit. Our world's lacking respect, and I hope these kids learn that." My opinion on the drivers’ importance to the sport relative to its management notwithstanding, I can confidently say that NASCAR could have grown itself just fine without Spencer.

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That’s History: Five Years To One Blaise… and Gone

Blaise Alexander, just 25 years old, passed away on October 4th, 2001, after injuries sustained in an accident in that night's ARCA Easycare 100. Good friend Kerry Earnhardt was racing the young man hard for the win with three laps to go when his car touched Alexander's No. 75, sending it into the retaining wall beyond turn four even as Earnhardt's car was sliding on its roof toward the tri-oval. That slam into the concrete was all it took - in the blink of an eye, racing lost an up-and-coming star, and the sport lost another shred of innocence that had not been taken by the other losses - Adam, Kenny, Tony, Dale - that were still fresh in our minds.

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