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Matt McLaughlin Mouths Off: Hall’In Class

I’ve gotten a lot of email from readers asking me which five people I hope, or think, will make up the first set of inductees into NASCAR’s Hall of Fame. I’ve debated the topic with more than a few fans and have to agree that narrowing the group down to just five individuals is a difficult task -- though, in my mind, selecting four of the first five folks so honored is a no-brainer few can dispute. Let me preface my picks by saying that I feel no active driver, or even semi-active driver, should be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame.

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Mirror Driving: Logano A Legend Already?, Loudon’s Last Gasp, And Who’s Hall of Fame Worthy

*Joey Logano's surprise win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway made him the youngest driver ever to win a Sprint Cup race. Where does his season rank among other active drivers' rookie campaigns?* Jeff: Well, he’s probably the highest paid … But I am not surprised. Beth: He has actually surprised me.

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The Yellow Stripe: Drivers I Never Got To See, But Wish I Had

This list of drivers I never saw but wish I had is about as unscientific as you’re going to get. I’ve not restricted myself at all in terms of criteria, and in a couple of cases, I quote from sources that know much more than I. Where relevant, I’ve explained my reasoning, so you know I'm just not pulling these things right out of thin air. Some choices are obvious and others may surprise you; so if you think I’m missing someone, write in and tell me why.

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That’s History Profile: Junior Johnson

Robert Glen Johnson, Junior was born June 28th, 1931 in the tiny burg of Ingle Hollow, N.C. Like many of his day from the region, Junior dabbled in the production of grain alcohol corn whiskey; known far and wide as Moonshine. The Johnson family produced the stuff for consumption as well as distribution, and the latter would land him in trouble with the U.S. Government in 1956. He would spend nearly a year in an Ohio federal prison prior to his release in the fall of 1957. Although he was never caught "ridin' dirty," he was captured by his father's still after a foot pursuit through the wilderness of Wilkes County, what was to bootlegging then what Charlotte is to NASCAR today.

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Mirror Driving: Is Tony Stewart Better Off Without Being In The Chase?

Is it feasible to say missing the Chase has helped Tony Stewart? Should there be a provision in the Chase that allows drivers in his position to finish higher than 11th?

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