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Bowles-Eye View: NASCAR Still Has The Power To Leave You In A State Of Shock

NASCAR does have certain rules that are black and white, and the rules surrounding the Chase for the Championship are one such set. 10 drivers and everyone within 400 points of the leader make the Chase, no more, no less, unless there's a tie for 10th place. So, with nine drivers fighting for eight Chase spots Saturday night, it was nothing but pure common sense to conclude that someone was going to be left out.

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Frontstretch Breakdown: 2006 Chevy Rock ‘N’ Roll 400 at Richmond

On a rock 'n' roll extravaganza of a night at Richmond where the Barenaked Ladies took center stage, Tony Stewart exited stage right, and Matt Kenseth staged his claim as the lead singer of the upcoming Chase for the Championship tour, it was Kevin Harvick who ended up stealing the show before the curtain closed on NASCAR's "regular season."

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Frontstretch Breakdown: 2006 Sony HD 500 at Fontana

His back against the wall and his hopes for the Chase on life support, Kasey Kahne was faced with two options entering Sunday night's race. He could play it safe, finishing as high as he could while hoping someone else in front of him would make a mistake; or, he could be super aggressive, go out there hard and try to win the race.

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