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Talking NASCAR TV: Grading TNT’s 2010 Season – How to Fix Some Glaring Issues

Hello, race fans. I bet you missed our weekly critique last week. I did, too, and I’m the one who writes the piece. My week of Frontstretch coverage at Daytona was interesting, filled with plenty of personal highlights for me as it was my first time at that famous track. In case you missed it, …

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Dialing It In: Richard Petty Offers Example NASCAR Needs

In NASCAR, Richard Petty is a king among men. His statistics are staggering, his understanding of the sport helped it grow and his relationship with the fans molded the way drivers would interact with their supporters for years to come. Coming up through the ranks, anyone that wanted to be in NASCAR looked to Petty …

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Mirror Driving: Too Much Teamwork?, Curbing NASCAR Criticism & A Tall Order for Townley

A lap 3 crash at Texas changed the championship picture dramatically this week, as leader Jimmie Johnson lost over 100 points of the margin he carried into the race. Did Johnson lose his edge, or did Texas simply draw out what should be a foregone conclusion?

Beyond the Cockpit: Kyle Petty Still Victory Junction’s “Driving” Force… Just on 2 Wheels

It’s been 11 months since we last saw Kyle Petty step behind the wheel of a Sprint Cup car, finishing 39th at Phoenix in his 829th (and possibly final) Sprint Cup start. Three months later, he was out of any management role at Petty Enterprises, a merger with Gillett Evernham all but ending his attachment …

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Matt McLaughlin Mouths Off: Let the Games Start

It’s hard to imagine the Cup season could begin in an environment so different than it did just a year ago. This nation is well and truly trapped in the depths of an economic recession that has altered the American Dream like nothing since the Great Depression. I vow here and now not to dwell too much on the economy in my columns. I know just about all of you are enduring the same things my friends and family are going through, and spending plenty of sleepless nights as a result. I know race fans turn to races for a few hours of respite from the gloom, and read these columns hoping for an occasional insight or chuckle served up amongst the usual tidal wave of cynicism and truly tortured analogies. I pledge to try to entertain you… but I do not live in a vacuum.

2008 Driver Review: Kyle Petty

Depending on what you believe, Petty’s Cup career may be far from over after all. The LATEST rumor, as of January 2nd, was that E&M Motorsports would field Kyle in the No. 08 Dodge in as many as 14 races – with Wells Fargo as a sponsor. That, however, has been denied, with multiple sources saying nothing’s been signed for 2009 as of yet.

Voices from the Heartland: With the Season Over, I Leave You with a Few Parting Thoughts & Shots

Let’s start with Jimmie Johnson. While I refuse to compare Jimmie to Cale Yarborough, for the two are incomparable, it is at this time that I formally congratulate Jimmie Johnson for winning three Cups in a row… Sprint Cups that is, not Winston Cups, for they too are incomparable.

Bowles-Eye View: Out with the Old, In with the Who?

For so many millions of us, favorite athletes become so much more. Role models for our kids, our communities, ourselves; they’re put on a pedestal of success we can only wish to achieve. Through them, we choose to live our wildest dreams, placed in a fantasy world in which a larger-than-life persona can show us the joys of perfection. Every once in a while, we get lucky in love, and the dream never dies. Our idols leave the sport we love at the top of their game, and we’re allowed to remember the end just the way we want it – like a fairy tale. But more often, the bubble bursts and we find out the truth – that these drivers we worship are human, too, unable to fend off the inevitability of age and time. And that makes it so much harder when you see their careers come crashing down.

Did You Notice? Petty’s Like Waltrip, Drivers Get Paid Too Much & Parity’s Lost

Did You Notice? That the way Kyle Petty’s career is ending is very reminiscent of… Darrell Waltrip? Before I covered this sport through TV and print, I made no secret of the fact Waltrip was my favorite driver. His fall from grace in the years leading up to retirement (save for a few races in ’98 with DEI) was painful to watch, especially for a kid that idolized him growing up.

Voice of Vito: Nepotism in Reverse – Kyle Petty’s Days Coming to a Close at Petty Enterprises?

There was a stunning admission made by Patti Petty, wife of NASCAR driver Kyle Petty, reported Sept. 29 in the Winston-Salem Journal. With a few choice words, she changed the landscape of racing’s royal family, giving us pause to reconsider what, to this point, we’d assumed was a fully functioning unit. But perhaps functional is no longer the right word to use in this case. It seems Petty will soon depart from Petty Enterprises — a team he once helped run — but is not doing so voluntarily.

10 Points to Ponder… After the 2008 Camping World RV 400 at Kansas

4. Like A Swiss Watch? – Non-Chase eligible driver Martin Truex Jr. led 29 laps at the Kansas Speedway, and spent a large segment of the event battling for positions within the top 10 before a broken transmission on lap 231 of the 267-lap race relegated the driver of the Dale Earnhardt Inc. No. 1 Chevrolet to a 43rd-place finish. Truex was the ONLY DNF on the day. Since its inception, NASCAR has held exceptionally long races to test the limits of not only the drivers, but the machines as well. Apparently, 400 miles of high RPM racing is “no sweat” for today’s precision engineered racecars… how about 800 miles?