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Driven To The Past: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

I’m getting a little tired of hearing Joey Logano referred to as “the best thing since sliced bread” as if it was something new. Understand me right, here--I don’t have anything at all against Joey Logano. He seems to be a pretty darned good race driver who was thrust into the top stock car series in the country maybe a year ahead of schedule. He’s dealing with that very well, in my opinion. The best thing I heard on the TV broadcast from Darlington was Greg Zipadelli telling him in so many words to just drive the car, they’d take care of the fixes. If there’s a beef I have against him, it’s that he might not understand how the cars really work, but that doesn’t make him unique among today’s drivers. A lot of them just climbed out of go-karts and into bigger cars and all they’ve done is drive. Quite a far cry from guys like the Allisons, DW, Rusty Wallace, and even Mark Martin, who had to help build their own cars. Like I said, though, the “sliced bread” quote is nothing new.

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