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Holding a Pretty Wheel: “Spoiled,” Do NASCAR’s New Rules Take a Bite Out of Safety?

NASCAR made a good call – maybe. The changes our sanctioning body made over this offseason were designed to improve the quality of racing, and that was a great move for a sport taking heavy criticism from all sides, battling slumping television ratings and suffering from dwindling numbers of fans at the track. After all, …

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The Yellow Stripe: Drivers I Never Got to See, But Wish I Had

This list of drivers I never saw but wish I had is about as unscientific as you’re going to get. I’ve not restricted myself at all in terms of criteria, and in a couple of cases, I quote from sources that know much more than I. Where relevant, I’ve explained my reasoning, so you know I’m just not pulling these things right out of thin air. Some choices are obvious and others may surprise you; so if you think I’m missing someone, write in and tell me why.

Bowles-Eye View: NCAA’s Cinderellas Reminder of NASCAR’s Fragile Glass Slipper

More than just the Easter Bunny occupied the NASCAR fan’s attention this weekend. Coinciding with the break in the Cup schedule was the beginning of the fastest-growing tournament-style sporting event to hit America each year; and as a result, race fans’ minds were busy being filled with basketballs, not Goodyears, this holiday season. With the 65-team NCAA Tournament getting underway, America’s productivity screeched to a halt as the first two rounds played out upon a national stage. Office pools, not office memos, become the order of business on a Thursday; and even for the most dedicated racing fan, Friday night became as much about what 12-seed was going to break through as to who’s in the best position to win the Nationwide Series race the following day.

That’s History Profile: Ricky Craven

Craven began his career at Unity Raceway in Unity, Maine, where he won Rookie of the Year in 1982, following it up with a 12-win season that saw him earn track championship honors in 1983. From there Ricky would dominate at several tracks in New England before competing in the American-Canadian Tour. Craven, born May 24th, 1966, ironically shares a birthday with Muppet creator Frank Oz, the voice of Yoda from Star Wars who coined the mantra of “There is no ‘Try’; only ‘Do’,” something Craven has taken to heart.